NEW 1994 Land Rover D90 - 300 TDI

£32,700 GBP / $39,900 USD

Location: Marshall, Virginia, USA

Chassis: SALLDVAF8MA947823

Engine: 2.5TDI 300TDI Diesel

Transmission: Five-Speed Manual 

Mileage: 149,252 Miles

Colour:  White | Grey Checker Cloth Interior

Left Hand Drive

History of the Land Rover

The Land Rover Series range was launched in 1948 and the model, now known as the Defender, was launched in 1983 and the continuous run finished in January 2016, after 67 years. Land Rovers were inspired by the US-built Willys Jeep immediately after the war and by 1992 they claimed that 70% of all the vehicles they had ever built were still in use. The Defender and Series ranges have had unique international presence throughout the production run, having been exported, manufactured and produced under licence by a number of other manufacturers in a variety of markets, to include Australia, Southern and North Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Pakistan and Malaysia, to name just a few.  In 1993 Land Rover decided to take the plunge into the US market after their successful launch of the Range Rover brand in 1987 in order to offer an upmarket alternative to the Jeep Wrangler targeted at adventurous buyers. Land Rover finally had to retract their offering from the North American and Canadian markets in 1997 due to economic viability. The Defenders offered in the US during the 90’s had to be significantly modified in comparison to Land Rover’s other export markets. Subsequent federal safety regulation amendments finally withdrew the Defender from the US market entirely in 1997, with Land Rover throwing their attention towards upmarket Discovery and Range Rover models that were being built from the ground up.

The Car

This vehicle certainly needs no introduction. Being one of the well-admired models in the Defender range, this 1994 built D90 300 TDI, has amassed a reputation in the Land Rover world as one of the most reliable and dependable engines Land Rover have ever built. So much so that demand from the likes of the MOD, NATO, and non-EU civilian sales, meant that this engine continued production up until 2006.

Having been first registered in France on 22nd August 1994. It went on to spent the majority of his life just inland from Montpelier in the south of France in a town called Saint-Leger-de-Peyre Just off the A75. We repatriated the vehicle back to the United Kingdom earlier in the year and set about carrying out the sympathetic refurbishment of the vehicle to correct overlooked maintenance whilst having respect for the vehicle's unquestionable originality. 



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